Como – Via Adamo del Pero, 41


Located in the heart of Como, with exclusive and elegant design, Raimondo Store represents the perfect setting for a refined and tailor-made fashion experience.

Our clothing line, emblematic of male elegance, embodies modern influence combined with the timeless style of the contemporary man.

Personalization is the key at Raimondo Store.  
The experience is complemented by tailoring advice and a tailor-made approach. The service, with its attention to detail, represents the ultimate expression of Made to Measure in its uniqueness, in perfect balance between style and sophistication. 

In the design of ceremonial and special event garments, every element is carefully considered to create a unique piece that reflects the character and personal style of the customer, from fabric selections to the choice of details such as stitching. 

It is a ritual of harmony between needs and desires, fully celebrating Made in Italy.  
Tradition and innovation come together in a personalized creation of unique craftsmanship. 

Founders Domenico and Fabio pay attention to the details of a journey in men’s fashion and with their scouting define the concept of an exclusive elegance. 

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